Berks Packing Co., Inc., founded by the late Mr. Charles A. Boylan, is a local third generation, family-owned and operated meat processor located in Reading, Pennsylvania. His son, Charles P. Boylan, is currently CEO, and his grandson David Boylan is president of Berks Packing Co., Inc. which employs approximately 140 dedicated people.

Berks Packing Co., Inc. history can be traced back to 1928 when Mr. Charles A. Boylan was employed as a bookkeeper for the old Berkshire Abattoir. The Berkshire Abattoir was a general slaughterhouse for farmers and others in the surrounding area that needed a facility such as this. In 1931, the Berkshire Abattoir went into receivership. Mr. Charles A. Boylan continued his employment with the company and acted on behalf of the bank to protect its interests. Finally, in 1933 the Berkshire Abattoir went bankrupt. At this point, Mr. Charles A. Boylan and a partner, with borrowed capital of $30,000, bought out the assets of the Berkshire Abattoir and renamed the new corporation Berks Packing Co., Inc. This was the beginning of the Berks Packing Co., Inc. that exists today.

Fresh from the smokehouse to your plate, Berks sausage makes a great meal!

Hats off to our loyal patrons of Berks quality meats...over 80 years in the making!

Berkshire Abattoir slaughtered mainly cattle and calves. Berks Packing Co., Inc. added hogs to the list of animals slaughtered, and in 1934-35, a sausage kitchen was opened and some hams were processed. This continued until the late 1940's, when cattle slaughter was eliminated. The primary business until the early 1950's was hog slaughter; some sausage products and a small quantity of hams were processed. In 1955, Berks Packing Co., Inc. moved more definitely into the bone-in and boneless ham, frankfurter, smoked sausage and deli meat business.

In 1961, Mr. Charles A. Boylan became the sole owner of Berks Packing Co., Inc. by buying out one partner involved. From this point on, Berks Packing Co., Inc. proceeded in its attempt to expand its marketing area and increase its volume. The major road block in the expansion was the "Great Flood of 1972". The plant, at that time, was completely wiped out with 15 feet of water inside the plant. With the help of dedicated employees, friends, and others, Berks Packing Co., Inc. was back in operation within thirty (30) days.

From 1972 to date, the volume produced by the plant has increased substantially. The sales area now covers from New England to Florida, as far west as Washington State and some exporting. Due to significant sales increases, Berks Packing Co., Inc. built a new distribution center on the opposite side of the Bingaman Street Bridge in 1994, and in 1995 an addition was added to the plant for the blending room. Berks Packing Co., Inc. purchased the Graeff Bros. building at 3rd and Riverfront Streets in 2005 and razed the building to make way for an employee parking area. In June of 2006, Berks Packing Co., Inc. was again faced with the challenge of cleaning up the plant and resuming operations after another flood from a powerful storm dumped 18-20 inches of rain in a few days. The Boylan family along with many dedicated employees was back in operation within thirty (30) days.

Still, through three generations of family operation, all of our products are handcrafted and inspected with loving care.

Welcoming folks into the city of Reading by the Bingaman Street Bridge, we have always been right around the corner, for over eighty years!

Berks Packing Co., Inc. offers a large selection of delicious Berks branded franks, hams, ring bologna, sausage, bacon and deli meats including ham, roast beef and turkey breast. All of Berks Packing Co., Inc.'s great tasting products share two main ingredients; 1.) Dedicated Employees, 2.) Loyal Customers.

The Boylan families along with many associates have built the Berks brand on a long standing tradition of providing excellent product quality and superior customer service.