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Berks Sunday Football Party Tips

Football season is in full swing! Get in on the action and score a touchdown with family and friends by hosting a Sunday Football Party at home. Here are some tips to get started:

  1. Get guests involved by trying pot luck. You can provide the delicious Hot Dog and Ham Recipes, like Berks American Cheese Steak Dog (CLICK HERE for recipe), but have guests bring desserts and party games. And of course, try to keep everything fun and kid friendly!
  2. Have appetizers and nibbles ready for guests when they arrive. Berks Pita Pizza Bites (CLICK HERE for recipe), or Hot and Sour Hot Dog Bites (CLICK HERE for recipe) are a delicious way to start the party and get your guests in a football mood!
  3. Traditional tailgating takes place outside, so why not bring that tradition home? Set up tables inside and outside in the driveway or back yard. Decorate with your teams colors and banners. The more festive the better!
  4. Have pre-game activities. Set up a bocce court, bad-mitten, frisbee or even an impromptu flag football game. This way you can get everyone, including the kids, pumped up for the days activities.
  5. Tailgating in itself is fun and super casual, so try to create that same kind of atmosphere at home. Use plastic cups and plastic ware (recycle it afterwards of course!). Use paper plates, you can even display your paper and plastic ware in picnic baskets, and serve drinks out of coolers.
  6. Since you are home, you have the advantage of having a grill and an oven, so try to make a big variety of recipes, such as Berks Root Beer Braised Dogs (CLICK HERE for recipe), and Berks Hot Dog Enchiladas (CLICK HERE for recipe). The more the better!
  7. Let the kids get involved with your party planning by having them help with the cooking. A great recipe for kids is Berks Pigs in a Blanket with Cheese and Bacon (CLICK HERE for recipe). They will love rolling the hot dogs up, and besides it’s a great party starter!
  8. You can also involve kids in decorating for the party. Using construction paper, crayons, markers and glue sticks, have kids make football themed decorations to hang all over the house. Some suggestions are footballs and helmets to hang up.
  9. Try some of Berks delicious ham recipes to add extra sizzle to your party. The Berks Ham and Veggie Oven Omelet (CLICK HERE for recipe), is great served at room temperature as an appetizer, and then for one of the half time dishes try Berks Ham Steak Parmesan (CLICK HERE for recipe)
  10. Set your TV room up right, by making sure to have plenty of seating with good visibility to the TV. You might want to also consider setting up a second room for the less serious football fans that’s ideal for conversation, with seating, drinks and food. The point is, try to make all of your guests comfortable and happy.
  11. Have fun, take lots of pictures and enjoy!

Berks Tailgating Tips

  1. To keep food hot, simply line the insides of a cooler all around (including the lid), with foil to use as a warming oven.
  2. Keep a toolbox in the car with tailgate essentials such as bottle openers, can openers, skewers, grill tongs, handy wipes, hand sanitizer, trash bags, paper napkins, salt and pepper and spices. It will make the planning and organizing much easier!
  3. Freeze small water bottles and use in place of ice, then when the water melts you’ll have water to serve at the party!
  4. Have a Do it Yourself Berks Hot Dog Bar. Prepare all of your toppings such as, chopped onions, cheese, lettuce or whatever you like the day before.
  5. Prepare the day before. For instance, the night before, pre stuff the Berks hot dogs with cheese, and then wrap them with the bacon to make Berks Cheesy Bacon Dogs (CLICK HERE for recipe).
  6. Whenever possible, try to stick to finger foods, especially ones that can be made in advance like the Berks Mini Corn Dog Corn Bread Muffins (CLICK HERE for recipe).
  7. Try Berks Bologna Sliders at your next tailgate (CLICK HERE for recipe). Pre-make them the day before, undercooking just a bit and leaving out the cole slaw. You can heat them on the grill the day of the tailgate by putting them in a disposable aluminum pan with a lid. Place it on the grill, and close the grill. Cook for about 15 minutes and then top with the cole slaw. A great accompaniment to one of Berks Hot Dog recipes!