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Berks Winter Entertaining Tips

As the snow falls down and the temperature drops outside, celebrate the season with a warm and cozy gathering of family and friends. The blustery winter months are a perfect time to experiment in the kitchen with new and exciting recipes. Here are some tips for creating festive and fun gatherings:

  1. Make an impromptu gathering more special from the get-go by sending out evites to family and friends. A more formal invitation will raise the excitement level for everyone involved. Evites can be created by going to www.evite.com.
  2. Plan your menu and print it on nice stationary. Display menu on an easel back stand for your guests to view as they arrive.
  3. Everyone loves comfort food in the winter. Berks has some great warm and tasty recipes that are perfect for a cold weather gathering. Consider making Berks Hot Dog Enchiladas, Pita Pizza Bites, Hot Dog and Potato Pancakes, Pigs in the Blanket with Cheese and Bacon. CLICK HERE for these recipes and more.
  4. Involve kids in the festivities by having them decorate cookies and/or cupcakes for dessert. Set up a kids table with plain butter cookies and vanilla/chocolate cupcakes. In separate bowls, display a variety of frostings and topping such as chocolate chips, sprinkles, and gummy bears. Let the kids get creative!
  5. Consider a winter wonderland theme for your gathering. Incorporate a white and silver color scheme into paper goods and decorations.
  6. Create a warm and cozy ambiance for your get together. Fill glass candle holders with water and twigs. Float lit candles on top of the water.
  7. Hang balloons from the ceiling for some added festivity. Before blowing up the balloons, put a marble inside to add weight to the balloon so it will hang upside down.
  8. Give guests a party favor as they leave. A fun idea is a Snowman in a jar. Fill a mason jar with all of the essentials for creating a snowman during the next storm – 2 large bobble eyeballs, carrot (nose), licorice (mouth), long piece of felt for scarf, buttons.